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This week: huge news in the fight for an open internet; Youtube’s Music service confuses us; Apple Pay is like, the payment of the future, man; big Black Friday deals on Apple’s newest gadgets; the go-to apps we keep on our home screens, and sooooo much more.
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Links to this week's stories
YouTube delivers the music streaming service you’ve been waiting for
Pres. Obama comes out strong to support an open internet -
Apple Pay is such a hit, event Google Wallet is seeing a big increase in usage
Netflix for iOS Updated With iPhone 6 Support, 1080p Video for iPhone 6 Plus
Apple’s new tool will nuke your phone number from iMessage forever - alex
Best Buy Discounting iPads, iPhones, Macs, and More for Black Friday
Home screen apps - the goto apps we keep on our home screens
Buster: Product Hunt, Acorns
Erfon: cPro Craigslist Client, Newsify
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