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This week: Uber’s crazy culture is making the news, but we want to party with their brogrammers; why we’re not so jazzed on Apple Watch apps; why the next iPhone might feature a massively improved camera; why Steve Jobs drowned the first iPod prototype; and finally, what we like and don’t about the gadgets and Apple accessories we’re reviewing—it’s an all-new Under Review.
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We also want to give Kevin MacLeod at a huge thanks for much of the great music you hear in today's show.
This week’s stories
Tick tock, devs: WatchKit brings tools for making Apple Watch apps
Sony’s new sensor could bring 4K video to next iPhone
Apple May Introduce 'Biggest Camera Jump Ever' in Next-Generation iPhone
Some OS X Yosemite Users Still Experiencing Wi-Fi Connection Issues Even After 10.10.1 Update
Why Steve Jobs drowned the first iPod prototype
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