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Merry CultCast boys and girls!  This week: Santa gets a little “grabby”; Apple wins a major lawsuit; our iPhones deserve "rollover" data plans; the incredibly low payouts artists get from Spotify; and the high-end gifts we really want but will never get on an all-new Get To Know Your Cultist.
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Links to this week’s stories
Apple wins at last: iTunes DRM was ‘genuine improvement,’ jury finds
T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 8.0 plan is rollover minutes for your data
Bose plans to take on Beats with its own music streaming service
The expensive Christmas gifts we’ll never get
Leander is drooling over this $16,000 road bike:
Alex and Erfon want to find this $1300 Fuji X100T camera under their tree:
Buster wants the new $2000 full-frame A7 II from Sony:
This $3000 electric bicycle Erfon wants will have you blasting up hills like rocketman:
Leander wants a 4K tele but needs to convince his wife:  
Erfon drove the BMW i3 at CES this year, and if can muster $40,0000 he’s gonna buy it: 
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