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For years Apple has been reportedly working their magic on the worst device in every home—the remote control. And now, with a rumored new Apple TV on the the horizon, we’ll tell you why an Apple-hewn controller could be its flagship feature.  Plus: how to create your own Apple Watch band; how to share your digital heartbeat with other lonely Apple Watch wearers; and we vote on our favorite new gadgets on an all-new Faves ’N Raves.
And stick around for CultCast 2nd hour with our guest, award-winning graphic designer and professor, Sean Adams. Sean shares his insights, tools, and tips for breaking into the design industry, building a name for yourself, and why everyone needs to care about design.
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This week’s links
Lonely Apple Watch buyers turn to the Internet to share their heartbeats
How third-party bands are allowed to work with Apple Watch
Apple’s aggressive music ambitions draw DOJ scrutiny
Patents suggest Apple TV wand full of Cupertino magic
Apple is planning to launch its new TV box this summer
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