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This week: why the iPhone 7s could have features you’ve never dreamed of"; Apple’s woes in China cause their stock to plummet; the community of fans keeping Apple’s history alive; our favorite Apple Watch faces; embarrassing stories of dates gone wrong; and Kool and the Gang steals our girlfriend!
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Intro - What is Newton?
The Light Camera is a slim cam with 16 sensors (16!)
Kool and the Gang will steal your girlfriend
Tim Cook promises iPhone features you’ve never dreamed of
  • Apple CEO appeared Monday on Mad Money in an effort to abate the company’s bleeding stock price
  • Future iPhones are going to be so amazing, you probably haven’t even thought of the features Apple is going to add, Tim Cook claimed in a recent interview.
  • Next year is the iPhone’s 10th anniversary
Apple stock suffers longest loss streak in 18 years
  • Apple’s meager Q2 2016 earnings report is continuing to wreak havoc on the company’s stock price, leading to the longest streak of losses since 1998.
Apple could get shut out of China
  • China has already become the second largest market for Apple in terms of sales, but the iPhone-maker could find itself banned from the country just like Facebook due to its privacy strategy that has already come under fire from government regulators.
  • iTunes and Apple Music launched in China 6 months ago, but the government decided to force Apple to shutdown the iBook Store and iTunes Movies last week after the government changed its mind.
Apple Forced to Share 'iPhone' Trademark in China With Leather Accessory Maker
  • Apple no longer has the exclusive rights to the "iPhone" trademark in China after the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court ruled in favor of leather goods manufacturer Xintong Tiandi Technology, who sells an “iPhone Case"
  • Apple filed for a trademark of the iPhone name in China back in 2002, specifically centering around computer software and hardware, but Xintong Tiandi didn't do the same for leather goods until 2007
  • Apple took them to Chinese court, but lost.
Mega-investor Carl Icahn gives up on AAPL
  • Apple’s biggest cheerleader on Wall Street, Carl Icahn, is getting rid of all of his AAPL shares after the iPhone-maker reported its first year-over-year decline in revenues for the first time in 13 years.
  • Investors’ fears of troubles in China aren’t unfounded. Growth in greater China dropped 26% last quarter. The country also recenty banned iTunes Movies and the iBookstore
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