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This week: reports point to a big Mac event coming in October!  We’ll tell you why we expect more than just overhauled MacBook Pros...  Plus: we remember Steve Jobs, and what made him so damned good; why the jet black iPhone 7 is impossible to find; and stay tuned for drone chat, where we discuss the super cool new drones hitting the market.
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On the show this week
Intro - The Extraordinary Powerbook
Long-awaited MacBook Pro update might land in October
  • MacRumors has reported that Apple is moving rapidly toward a launch of the new MacBook Pro models, with current development work on macOS 10.12.1 focused largely on preparing the operating system to support the updated hardware's new features
  • Apple hasn’t made a significant update to the MacBook Pro lineup since May 2015
  • According to MacRumors‘ report, Apple is just waiting for development of macOS 10.12.1 to finish so it can support the updated hardware’s new features. Apple is supposedly planning to seed one more beta version of macOS 10.12.1 early next week. That version will then be polished and loaded onto hardware currently being produced.
  • rumored by several sources to include Touch ID support and an OLED "touch bar" replacing the current row of function keys across the top of keyboard. Apple is also said to be shifting to "Polaris" graphics chips from AMD on the higher-end 15-inch models. 
  • iMac 352/317 (days since update/average)
  • MBP 500/268
  • MBA 570/350
  • Mac Mini 714/438
  • Mac Pro 1015/449
Here’s why jet black iPhone 7 is impossible to find
  • Apple’s new jet black iPhone 7 is nearly impossible to find at stores, and the shortage isn’t going to get better anytime soon, according to one of the most accurate Apple analysts in the game.
  • KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors in a research note today that Apple is having trouble with production of the jet black cases.
  • A substantial number of cases don’t meet quality standards for the jet black finish, which is already susceptible to scratches.
  • Apple had to create an entirely new process to produce the high-gloss black finish, which is why it’s so hard for manufacturers to get their yield rates up.
DJI’s tiny Mavic Pro drone will land at Apple Stores
  • The battle for droning supremacy is heating up today after DJI revealed its tiny new Mavic Pro drone that will take on GoPro’s new Karma drone system.
  • DJI’s new Mavic Pro drone features a folding design that can compress the device down to the size of a water bottle.
  • DJI strapped a 4K video camera on a 3-axis gimbal. It can also take 12MP RAW stills in either portrait or landscape mode thanks to the gimbal that can be controlled via an iPhone.
  • $750 - drone only
  • $999 drone with remote
  • $1300 with extra batteries, quick charger, propellers, bag, etc
  • Ships Oct. 15, in Apple Stores in November
Casey Neistat loves the DJi Mavic Pro drone
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