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This week, it's our epic final episode of 2016!  We’ll wrap up the year with our hands-on review of the hottness themselves, Apple’s AirPods.  Then… is Apple’s “Golden Era” drawing to a close?  We discuss.  And finally, ya’ll know we review a lot of products during the year—we’ll reveal our absolute favorite gadgets of 2016!
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On the show this week
Tim Cook calls AirPods a ‘runaway success’
  • During a short interview, Cook told CNBC the new AirPods are a “runaway success” and that the company is making them as fast as it can. Cook didn’t divulge details on how well the company is doing, but he did hint that the holiday was really good to Apple.
Every Apple store worldwide is sold out of AirPods
  • According to, and, Airpods are sold out at every Apple Store in the world
  • Apple stores have been getting in very limited quantities and they “sell out in minutes”
All the ways Apple disappointed us in 2016
  • Some are saying 2016 is the year that appl's 'golden age' drew to a close
Our favorite gadgets of 2016!
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