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This week:  the hidden iOS 12 features you need to know about!  Plus, in an all-new Under Review, we’ll tell you about one hecka good portable mouse, a pair of earphones that give you supersonic hearing, the king of all power banks, and a beautiful new wireless charger you’ll be proud to set your phone upon.  
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On the show this week
iOS 12 UI tweaks let you interact with apps as they’re opening - buster
  • Your phone is always available to answer to your input.  No more waiting for animations to finish.  
  • You can launch an app and start scrolling within the app even before it fills the screen.
  • You can launch an app and then dismiss it even before the app has fully opened.
  • You can close and app and instantly open another app from the home screen before the closing animation has finished,
The best iOS 12 features Apple didn’t mention
  • Police across the country are purchasing a tool called GrayKey. When hooked to an iPhone’s Lightning port, this swiftly enters thousands of passcodes until the correct one is reached.
  • But just-released beta of iOS 12 can be set to partially deactivate the Lightning port after an iPhone hasn’t been used for an hour.
iOS 12 makes iPhones immune to ‘brute force’ unlocking
Under Review
Logitech MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse
Spigen Essential F306W
Anker Powerhouse
Nuheara IQ Buds Boost
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