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This week: FaceApp, the mega viral app that ages your face, might also be stealing your data! Plus: why your next iPhone or Mac may feature Apple’s rainbow logo; Apple might soon make a big move into original podcasts; and we’ll tell you about the wild lengths some Apple factory works go through to smuggle out top secret tech.

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This week's stories

Apple’s retro rainbow logo might make a comeback

  • There have been some clues earlier this year that Apple might be ready to embrace its old logo again. Apple renewed its trademark on the logo last year. Jony Ive also meticulously created a rainbow stage at Apple Park that used the rainbow Apple logo’s design. Although Ive was a fan of minimalist design, even he seemed to want to bring the rainbow Apple logo back.
  • “There is the resonance with the rainbow logo that’s been part of our identity for many years,” Jony Ive recently explained.

Is viral FaceApp stealing your photos? Not all of them

  • FaceApp has become incredibly popular in recent weeks. It’s gone viral. You’ve probably see the pictures everywhere. But there’s concern over what happens to your photos when you use the app, particularly since the devs are… THE RUSSIANS!

Apple might soon feature original and exclusive podcasts

  • Apple’s growing services business will soon feature original podcasts, according to a report that, if true, amps up the tech giant’s battle with rival Spotify.
  • Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources, reported Apple executives are in preliminary discussions with media companies to buy the rights to podcasts.
  • Spotify has spent millions of dollars positioning itself to be the go-to podcast app. It has acquired three podcast companies, including Gimlet Media, in the last two years to build up premium content.
  • The Apple Podcasts app comes with iPhones and is considered the go-to platform for listening to podcasts. However, Apple Podcasts is merely a directory of links for users to download podcasts from other platforms.

Apple Once Caught Factory Workers 'Digging a Small Tunnel in a Corner' in Attempt to Smuggle iPhone Parts

  • After photos of the colorful iPhone 5c leaked in 2013, the report claims Apple created a "New Product Security" team to monitor security at its most sensitive suppliers in China. At one point, the team reportedly topped more than 30.
  • The security team is said to have uncovered workers going to extreme lengths to smuggle valuable components out of factories over the years, with some attempting to hide parts in crawl spaces, tissue boxes, shoes, belt buckles, bras, used mop water, under discarded metal shavings, and beyond.


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