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This week on The CultCast: The new Mac Pro proves Apple’s still got it! We cover our first impressions, plus discuss some of the insane upgrades available for Apple’s new powerhouse Mac.

Plus, we reveal more of our favorite tech, shows, movies, and more in our Best of the Year, part 2!

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This week's stories

The Cult of Mac book giveaway!

Apple’s powerful Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR arrive at last

It costs $400 to add wheels to your new Mac Pro

  • By default the Mac Pro ships with stainless steel feet. And that’s what you should stick with if your machine is going to be stationary most of the time. They look a lot better.
  • But for a meager sum of just $400, Apple will install four wheels on the bottom of your Mac Pro that make it easier to cart around.

Apple doesn’t want you defiling Pro Display XDR’s special glass with a regular cloth

  • Apple sure likes having its own proprietary version of things it doesn’t deem quite good enough.
  • The same is true of the new Pro Display XDR with nano-texture glass for the Mac Pro. No, we’re not talking about the screen itself; but rather Apple’s insistence that you clean it using a special Apple-approved cleaning cloth. But there’s a good reason for it.

Best of the year, part 2!

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