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This week: Apple’s first ARM-based Mac is headed our way—we’ll tell you what we know.

Plus, Apple’s new AirTags tracking tiles will be unlike anything we’ve seen, and way more powerful than we thought. We discuss! And stay tuned—we’ll tell you the weird rule Apple makes big movies follow if they want to put iPhones or Macs on the silver screen.

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This week's stories

Apple’s first Mac with a custom chip expected in early 2021

  • This would be Apple’s first computer powered by a custom Arm chipset. It would also be the first brand-new Mac to launch without an Intel CPU since Apple made the switch from PowerPC processors back in 2006.

AirTags Said to Be 'Completely Waterproof' and Use Magnetic Charging Like Apple Watch

  • In a report touching on several topics today, Japanese site Mac Otakara claims that Apple's Tile-like "AirTags" item trackers will be "completely waterproof" and use similar magnetic wireless charging to that seen on the Apple Watch.

Apple should steal this iPad multitasking concept right now

  • This amazing mockup/concept was executed by design student Tommy Rutherling using the Principle app to create the interactive animations.

Director Rian Johnson Breaks Down a Scene from 'Knives Out'

  • Write and director Rian Johnson talks about making his new movie Knives Out, but in the process reveals a insider tidbit about using Apple products in movies
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