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This week: the brand new iMac may look the same, but it’s so powerful video editors are gleefully buying 2 to 3 at a time—we’ll tell you everything that’s new 🔥

Then: Phil Schiller, Apple Worldwide Marketing VP, and one of Steve Job’s original generals, is stepping down. We’ll remember some of Phil’s most memorable Apple moments.

And forget buying the new iMac, get Apple’s stock instead! Erfon goes all in, and reveals the huge cash stockpile he’s about to dump into Apple stock, why he’s buying it now, and the cash value of his current investment.

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This week's stories

New iMac packs faster internals into all-too-familiar shell

  • The wait for Apple’s newest iMac is over. Cupertino today dropped a faster all-in-one with an even more glorious Retina 5K display.

Phil Schiller’s new role as Apple Fellow means big promotion for Joz

  • Schiller continues to report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook in his new position, as an Apple Fellow, and will now lead App Store and Apple Events. Greg “Joz” Joswiak takes up Schiller’s previous role.

10 reasons why I’ll miss Phil Schiller

  • Tuesday marked the end of an era. Phil Schiller has stepped down from his role as VP of worldwide marketing.

How Apple made money in the middle of a crushing pandemic

  • People around the world turned to Apple products at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. And the result was an 11% increase in Apple revenue during the June quarter.

Apple shares close at new all-time high [Updated]

  • Apple shares hit a new all-time high Friday on the back of the company’s shockingly good Q3 earnings.

Apple stock will split 4-to-1

  • Apple’s board of directors has approved a four-to-one stock split.
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