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This week: a reliable analyst says Apple Glass is landing in 2021, and it could enable some powerful new features on your Mac and iPhone. We'll fill you in! Plus: Elon Musk is now the world’s richest man, which only affirm and Apple Car is on the way (we’ll explain), and we wrap up with a cool new line of iPhone and Mac chargers that are smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more powerful than Apple's!

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Here's the 100w Gallium Nitride charger we talked about (Amazon)

Here's the 20w Gallium Nitride Anker charger we talked about (Amazon)

Apple Car would only need 2% of mobility market to equal iPhone revenue

  • Apple would only need to capture 2% of the mobility market with a possible Apple Car to equal the revenue that it currently gets from the iPhone, Morgan Stanley researchers note.

Elon Musk surpasses Jeff Bezos as wealthiest person on earth

Apple Glass might finally make its anticipated debut in 2021

  • Apple plans to release an augmented-reality device in 2021, according to a trusted analyst. Ming Chi-Kuo.

Apple Glass AR glasses reportedly enter second phase of production

  • Prototype “Apple Glass” augmented reality glasses are reportedly set to enter the second phase of production, Digitimes reported Wednesday.

Awesome macOS concept imagines the AR iMac of the future

  • A designer’s radical new concept shows what future Macs could look like if augmented reality glasses replaced the computers’ physical screens.

Apple ties executive bonuses to progress on environmental initiatives

  • Apple made it clear to executives that it won’t be enough to simply talk about protecting the environment. Starting in 2021, the amount of cash bonuses will be impacted by how well each executive lives up Apple’s values.

Rejoice! Smaller MacBook chargers could be coming

  • MacBook users might be getting a charger from Apple that’s less of a brick. At last! The Mac-maker reportedly will start sourcing power adapters made with gallium nitride. GaN semiconductors allow these vital accessories to be significantly smaller than the old silicon ones.
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