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This week: We got it, ALL the iPhone 13 details. We’ll tell you what to expect. Plus, the Apple Privacy debacle—is Apple scanning all your photos and the pictures you send in iMessages? The answer is yes... and no. We got the cold hard facts for you, and you may not like them.

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Mini-LED MacBook Pros launching before the end of September

  • The long wait for redesigned 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro models is probably nearing its end. A reliable source for Apple info says these Macs will be out in September at the latest, and will have mini-LED screens.

iPhone 13 could bring ProMotion display, camera upgrades, smaller notch

  • This year’s iPhone refresh could be a lot more exciting than the incremental upgrades we’ve seen in previous years. A new report claims Apple’s next-generation smartphone lineup — which could be called iPhone 13 — will bring faster ProMotion displays, pro camera upgrades, and a smaller notch.

Apple plans to scan iPhones and iCloud for child abuse imagery [Updated]

  • Apple plans to scan photos stored on peoples’ iPhones and in their iCloud accounts for imagery suggesting child abuse, according to news reports Thursday. The effort might aid in law-enforcement investigations, but also could invite controversial access to user data by government agencies.

Apple looks to ease CSAM photo scanning concerns with new FAQ

  • Apple has published a new FAQ on its plan to scan user photos for child abuse imagery (CSAM) in an effort to combat the growing concerns.

iPhone Messages app will warn parents if kids send, receive nude photos

  • Apple will soon offer a new tool to protect children from sexual predators. The Messages application will be able to detect if an iPhone or iPad user gets or sends sexually explicit photos.

Apple TV, HomePod combo on the way to combat weak living room strategy

  • Apple TV engineers say “there isn’t much optimism” over the company’s weak living room hardware strategy, but there plans to change it with new devices, according to a new report from one reliable reporter.
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