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This week: we've got new iPhone 14 leaks, Apple is working on another new Mac, and big changes are coming to iMessage and iOS.

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This week's stories

Apple preps subscription service for iPhone, Mac and more

  • According to Bloomberg: "Apple Inc. is working on a subscription service for the iPhone and other hardware products, a move that could make device ownership similar to paying a monthly app fee, according to people with knowledge of the matter."

iPhone 14 Pro’s camera upgrade could mean an even fatter hump Lewis

  • Apple is expected to give iPhone 14 Pro a rather significant camera upgrade that could include a 48-megapixel wide angle sensor. It will mean sharper iPhone photos than ever before — but a much bigger camera bump.

iPhone might never get in-screen Touch ID

  • Touch ID died with the move to Face ID with the launch of the iPhone X in 2017. Though people love Face ID, there’s a lot of us who would love to see Touch ID return in some form in addition to Face ID.

Win a chic crossbody iPhone case from Noémie [Cult of Mac giveaway]

  • This Cult of Mac giveaway is for the ladies! Five lucky winners will each receive a stylish Napa crossbody iPhone case from Noémie. These cases looks chic and are great for running errands or going out on the town when a bigger bag is not needed.

On the inside, Apple Studio Display looks more sophisticated than expected

  • iFixit showed people the interior of the new Apple Studio Display next to a partially disassembled iMac and asked them to pick which is which. You can play along at home by looking at the image above.

Apple’s upcoming 15-inch MacBook Air may come with a different name

  • In the interests of portability, MacBook Air has only ever been available in smaller 11- and 13-inch sizes. But it seems Apple is finally preparing a larger display option for those who have long been calling for it.

EU plans to force iMessage to work with WhatsApp, other messaging apps

  • The European Union plans to break down the barriers between mobile messaging services. With its Digital Markets Act, it plans to force services like iMessage, WhatsApp, and smaller messaging platforms to play nicely together.

‘The Slap’ shows why Apple should shake up its events

  • Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony shows why Apple should go back to doing live events.
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