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Erfon, Leander, and Buster talk all about the "new" iPad and Apple TV!  We review iPad's new features;  is the Retina display a real retina display?; is it worth upgrading from the iPad 2?; then we discuss questions and comments from you, our listeners; oh yeah, we also talk about the new Apple TV.

All this and MORE on this episode of The CultCast

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It's CultCast episode 2!  In this ep. Erfon Elijah, Leander Kahney, and Buster Heine review iPad 3 rumors and what we expect to see when it's announced March 7th.  We discuss Apple's stock momentum and if it can continue. Then we wrap with AT&T: is it justified in throttling high-bandwidth users?  

All that and more in this week's CultCast.

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The CultCast Episode 1 is finally here!  In this episode we review our favorite new features in OS X Mountain Lion, Apple's handling of its labor woes in China, and Steve Jobs home, is it becoming a new mecca for Apple fans?  All that and more in our maiden episode of The CultCast.

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Welcome to the CultCast!

Cult of Mac's shiny new podcast, CultCast, is the best 30 minute conversation about Apple you'll hear all week. 

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