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This week on The CultCast: From the hottest gift of 2019, to our favorite tech and travel locations, it's more of our picks for Best of the Year!

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This week's stories

AirPods to hit quarterly sales of $4B, surpassing peak iPod sales

  • AirPods is has grown into a massive business. How big?
  • Last year, in Q4 2018, Apple Watch surpassed $4B quarterly in revenue in, overtaking the revenue earned during the best quarter of peak iPod sales, and now it looks like it may be AirPods‘ turn.
  • Asymco published a research note this week estimates that AirPods could overtake the peak iPod revenue of $4 billion next quarter.
  • Asymco also believes Apple will see over 50% growth year over year for Wearables.
  • The research note also predicts a 51% increase y/y for Wearables and 24% growth in Watch. This results in a Watch revenues of about $5.2 billion.

This is your best shot at snagging AirPods Pro today

  • Even though AirPods Pro are basically sold out everywhere, there’s still a chance you could snag a pair today. And with a simple Siri trick, Apple makes it easy for you to snag 2019’s hottest gift.
  • If you absolutely want to get AirPods Pro by Christmas, and don’t want to pay a reseller a premium, here’s your best shot for finding a pair ASAP.

Apple joins rivals to create open standard for smart home devices

  • Apple is teaming up with Amazon, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance to create a new open and royalty-free standard for smart home devices.
  • Project “Connected Home over IP” aims to increase compatibility among smart home gadgets and make development easier for device manufacturers. It should also simplify smart technology for consumers
  • This means it shouldn’t matter which smart home platform you’ve chosen to adopt; any and all smart home devices (in the future, at least) should work together seamlessly.

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