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Apple CEO Tim Cook just took the stage at the All Things D Conference.  How'd he do?  What'd he reveal about Siri, Apple's secret TV, and Steve Jobs?  We cover it all on this week's CultCast. 

And don't miss us chat about the future of Mac Pro, and answer your listener twitter questions!

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Jony Ive gets knighted; is Siri Apple's next ping?  And then a new segment: Faves & Raves!  All that and more on this week's CultCast. 

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WWDC is in a mere 3 weeks (June 11th), and this sold-out event is going to be action packed.  We're expecting new Macbook Pros, iOS 6, Mountain Lion 10.8, and Retina display everything.  Will we see new iMacs, too?  We'll tell you what we know and our Apple hopes and dreams on this week's CultCast.

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We spill the beans in this ep, revealing everything our secret Apple source told us about Apple's upcoming HDTV.

Plus, what the craziest Apple fan we've ever seen just did to prove his worthiness, and then we reveal our favorite apps of the week - all that and more on this episode 12 of The CultCast!

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You asked for it, you got it!  In this jammed-packed episode we reveal our favorite apps of the week, then vote on which app shall reign supreme!  But first, we yay and nay our way through some iPhone 5 and Apple rumors — are we really going to see an iPhone with a 4 inch screen?

And for those of you who'd like even more punishment, we left in our 20 minute impromptu conversation about the movies we love and hate.

All that and more on this week's CultCast!

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