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This week: the cool features in the new iOS 8.4, iOS 9, and El Capitan betas; Taylor Swift starts a royalty battle with Apple; the ridiculously low payouts artists get from music streaming; the new Macbook’s big missing feature; and the magic of Apple advertising.
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This weeks links
This single from the Darkness
You heard him—Buster bought Chumbawumba
Kahney's Korner: Bring back my magnets Jony Ive!
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This week: we know you just got your Apple Watch, but we talk rumored updates for the Apple Watch 2.  Plus: why some publishers are outraged by Apple’s new News app; the FCC slams AT&T with a HUGE fine for throttling your data; and we talk amazing E3 announcements and Jurassic World in an all new What We’re Into.
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This week’s links
Zoo keepers love Jurassic World
Leander likes his Amazon Echo 
And he thinks the wireless speakers from ultimate ears sound fantastic
Check out this incredible E3 demo of Microsoft’s Hololens
Fallout Shelter is free and fun, and it’s now the top grossing game on the App Store
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This week: were on the ground for WWDC and AltConf!  We’ll tell you what it’s like.  Plus: our favorite features announced at the WWDC keynote; why we have high hopes for Beats 1 radio on Apple Music; Phil Schiller discusses some of Apples more controversial product decisions in a surprising new interview; and, though it’s all cheers for consumers, we’ll tell you why some developers dread Apple’s yearly WWDC announcements.
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This week’s links
You should rewatch this WWDC opening with Bill Hader
iOS 9 s awesome two finger trackpad gesture is coming to iPhone
At WWDC, clues that Apple is adding a stylus to the iPad abound
Apple’s new ‘Move to iOS’ app helps Android users switch to iPhone - buster
All the awesome features coming to your Apple Watch this fall
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This week: don’t expect hardware… we’ll tell you why the 2015 WWDC could be one of the tamest on record.  Plus: Apple pretty much confirms Apple TV will be your home’s digital hub; Facebook’s an impenetrable fortress with too much power; and the tale of a Bay Area woman who just unknowingly junked her $200,000 Apple-1 computer… whoopsie!
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We also want to give Kevin MacLeod at a huge thanks for the great music you hear in today's show.
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Your mind, the pinnacle of computing power 
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