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This week on the 'ol Cast: why Google's new Chromecast is great for *Apple* fans; why the 5S could be the biggest S-upgrade ever; why Apple's earnings make a low-cost iPhone look likely; how to best connect your iDevice to your car stereo; the Dev Center gets hacked; and then, Tim Cook sings Barbie Girl!

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This week on CultCast: Logic Pro gets X rated and a bunch of great features; Google Maps finally comes to iPad; Apple on the hunt for iWatch engineers; more iPad Mini retina rumors; Apple slangin' TV deals with studios to kill commercials; we dish great computing tidbits on Tips Ahoooy!; and we wrap with Under Review, another new segment where we talk about the apps and hardware we're currently testing.

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This time on CultCast: tons of apps go free for Apple's 5th Appaversary; an updated retina Macbook Pro is close at hand; iPad Mini COULD go retina; our favorite new iOS 7 beta 3 features; researchers know where you'll take your iPhone next; Alex E Heath gets caught slippin; mini Kahney gets a birthday surprise; and guests hosts GWAR stop by!

That last part's a lie. 

Hit play ballmdogs!

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This time on CultCast: the Guv is back; Apple trademarks iWatch; back to school sale is back; Mac upgrades that are worth the money;  PRISM takes Alex; happy 4th; and so maaach more!

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