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The big Apple event might be over, but there are still plenty of great Apple stories to chat over! On this CultCast: the iPhone stops giving motion sickness to the pukers; some of your favorite Apple apps just got big redesigns; the new Macbook Pro runs a tad slower than we'd hoped; and more!

Just us for second CultCast this week, and don't miss episode 96 for our MEGAsode coverage on all that was announced at Apple's big Oct. 22nd event.

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iPad Air. Retina iPad Mini.  New Macbook Pros. The new Mac Pro.  Mavericks goes free.  So does the new iLife and iWork.  There's a TON to talk about on this Special Edition CultCast! Join us, and Special MacCast host Adam Christianson, as we discuss our first impressions on all that Apple announced at the jam-packed event.

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Confirmed!  Apple's October 22nd, 2013 iPad event is locked and loaded.  We'll run through what to expect. Then, Steve Jobs and his nights of profound amore; Apple hires a fashion star to man retail stores; and we review a new app that makes it insanely simple to send money to anyone you know.

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October 22nd, 2013.  Go ahead and insert that date into your iOS 7s, dear friends, because even though they haven't confirmed it, that's the day Apple will be unveiling two new iPads unto the world.  But will we see new MacBooks, Mac Pros, and the other tasty tech we've been wishing for?  We reveal our hopes, dream, and expectation on this week's glorious new episode.

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This time on the 'Cast: drug dealers want your Bitcoins; Samsung shenanigans earn them a new nickname; and, iMessages stop working in iOS 7?  Don't worry, we'll fix that for you…

But then, it's been two years now since Steve Jobs passed, and on this episode of the CultCast, we remember the man, ponder how Apple has fared without him, and stick around till the end! We're rebroadcasting once of Steve's most special appearances.

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