The CultCast

Apple just made all the money and other fun facts from their just-released earnings report.

Then, iOS 7, bigger-screen iPhones, and our favorite Mac apps—we answer your questions on an all new CultCast Q&A.

And then we pitch our favorite tech in an all new Faves 'N Raves, and this time, Leander's got an unfair advantage!

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Team Cult is back from Vegas, baby!  Yes, we're still a little, um, foggy minded, but the show must go on!

On this episode, we introduce our brand new CultCall voicemail, a great way to send us your comments, questions, or CultCast intros.

Then, is Woz a spanish guy with a perm?  Cause that's what he looks like in the new jOBS movie that's about to be unleashed on the world. 

And don't worry, we've got a healthy dose of iPhone 5S rumors and address reports saying version 5 just ain't selling. 

All that and why Apple needs to release their TV asap to stay in the game on our all-new CultCast!

Thanks to DigiDNA, crafters of DiskAid 6, for making this episode possible.

DiskAid 6 is the best way to transfer videos, documents, and other information on and off your iDevices with ease.  Download your voicemails, call logs, photos, videos, or anything else right to your computer—all via WiFi, all without long iTunes syncing—with the new DiskAid 6.

Download it today and use its basic features for free at

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Live from CES 2013 in Vegas - day 4!

Our final CultCast from CES 2013 in Vegas!

Join us to hear why the Qualcomm press event just became an instant internet meme; the gear that got our best-of-CES votes; and Gadgets Editor Charlie Sorrell says why if you're naughty your dad might give you a "Dicky Back Ride.".

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Live from CES 2013 in Vegas - day 3!

The Consumer Electronics Show is now officially open for business, and team Cult spent the day scouring the massive halls looking for the best booths and tech.

On our newest episode, we recount cool tech we've seen at the show thus far, say which celebrities swang by the press room for us to nudify, and talk about the best booths of years' past.

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*Please forgive the less-than-stellar audio quality; we've had some gear issues but will be back to normal by next Thursday's episode!* 

Day 2 of Team Cult at the Consumer electronics show in Las Vegas!  On this this episode, we talk about the new technology introduced by Intel, Ford, Samsung, Panasonic, and other major players in their CES keynotes.

Then we reveal our favorite gadgets so far from show!

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Team Cult of Mac has descended upon Las Vegas to attend the largest and in-chargest technnology show in North America, the Consumer Electronics Show.

On this episode, we talk about some of the cool tech we've seen so far, and our why Apple wants to turn your house into an iHome.

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It's all business on this, our 50th episode of The CultCast!

We'll tell you why the New Year broke your iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature; why the iPhone 6 is already showing up in the web logs of some developers; and why Bill Gates wouldn't give his kids the Christmas gifts they *really* wanted.

But wait, there's more!

Team Cult is preparing for CES 2013, and on this episode, we'll tell you what it's like to walk the halls as press and attend the parties full of geeks, gadgets, and never—empty cocktail glasses.  Plus the tech we're most excited about this year!

Thanks to Squarespace for making this episode possible.  

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