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It’s our T-Day edition CultCast!  This time: Jony Ive’s golden touch makes millions for charity; Apple teases underwhelming Black Friday deals; how Apple’s blacklist keeps bad press at bay; the new money in old macs; and we pitch our favorite Thanksgiving Day foods on our holiday edition Faves ’N Raves!

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Apple and a 12.9-inch iPad; the first iOS 7 game controller is long overdue; Retina iPad Minis are *almost* perfect; strategies to backup all those iPhone photos you take; and Adam Christianson from the Maccast podcast joins us on this time on The CultCast!

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We made it guys!  Join us as we celebrate our 100th episode on this week’s CultCast.  We'll remember some of our favorite moments from CultCast's past, tell you how you can win a free signed copy of Leander Kahney’s new Jony Ive book,  plus, we also talk the new iPad mini Retina; killer Black Friday iPad deals; why dropping your unlimited data plan might be better for you; new iPhone 6’s with way bigger screens; and lots more!

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Jony Ive, the private man who some say built Apple—with his new book hitting stores Nov. 14th, Leander Kahney reveals more inside information about the design icon, and how he and his teams create the world-renowned products we all use every day.  Plus, J.D. Power says, for the first time ever, Samsung tabs are better than iPads… we’ll debunk.

PSA: Don’t miss our live video episode for CultCast #100.  Head to Wednesday the 13th at 3pm Pacific time to watch our 100th episode live!

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Get your silver bullets and holy water dear friends, because our new CountCast is not for the fainthearted!

This time… some new Dell laptops omit a mysteriously pungent smell; iPad Air gets benchmarked, is murderously speedy; our fave photo app brings darkness… out of the shadows; Apple says some 5S batteries will die… faster than they should; Tim Cook says upcoming Apple products will blow… your mind;  and we chant... aloud our favorite apps so you can vote on which is best… it’s an all new Faves N Graves!

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