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What a show this week!  Join us and special guest, Ars Technica Contributor Chris Foreman, as we venture into the finances of Apple's filthy-rich executives; discuss how Tim Cook is running Apple differently than Steve Jobs; take a look at Tim's recent tour through the Foxconn plant; and a 5 inch iPhone Retina display — is this thing for real?  We go on rumor patrol.

All that and more on this week's CultCast!

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Is your new iPad getting hot as Hades?  Is the Post-PC revolution a real thing?  And just when are we going to get Retina displays in our Macbooks?  All that and more on this week's CultCast!

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Why yes, we did just release episode 4 of The CultCast two days ago, but this is a special New-iPad hands-on edition!  They're here, we have them, and in this special episode, we tell you what we think of them.

We also decided to include an impromptu preshow discussion on the Agony and Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs, the monologue that's been getting press lately for allegedly being partly fabricated.  It's done so much good in the world, does it matter if it's not 100% true?

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Steve Jobs dolls, Macbook Pro rumors, mesmerizing iPad retina displays, and the hot new iOS game all the kids are talking about — it's all that and more on this week's CultCast.

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Erfon, Leander, and Buster talk all about the "new" iPad and Apple TV!  We review iPad's new features;  is the Retina display a real retina display?; is it worth upgrading from the iPad 2?; then we discuss questions and comments from you, our listeners; oh yeah, we also talk about the new Apple TV.

All this and MORE on this episode of The CultCast

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It's CultCast episode 2!  In this ep. Erfon Elijah, Leander Kahney, and Buster Heine review iPad 3 rumors and what we expect to see when it's announced March 7th.  We discuss Apple's stock momentum and if it can continue. Then we wrap with AT&T: is it justified in throttling high-bandwidth users?  

All that and more in this week's CultCast.

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