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They said they'd never do it! But... according to a new report, Apple is now testing a Mac with a touchscreen, and will be supercharging the a cutting edge new display technology (and more!). Plus: Apple's mixed reality headset is almost here, and is now in the hands of a secret cabal of developers who are building apps and preparing for launch.

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This week's stories

Apple ‘seriously considering’ a touchscreen MacBook

  • Apple now has engineers “actively engaged in the project” of adding touchscreens to Mac computers, starting with the popular MacBook Pro. According to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, a consistent and reliable leaker, the first Mac with a touchscreen display could ship as soon as 2025.

Enter to win spectacular iPad Pro accessory bundle from Pitaka [Cult of Mac giveaway]

  • The Cult of Mac giveaway this week is a corker. We teamed up with Pitaka for one lucky winner to get the chance to win an iPad Pro accessory bundle worth $190.

Apple’s in-house display could debut on the Apple Watch Ultra in 2024

  • Apple wants to reduce its reliance on sourcing displays for its products from Samsung and LG. So, the company is working on its own custom displays that it intends to use as early as 2024.

Apple's 2023 Roadmap: When to Expect New Product Launches This Year

No major AirPods, iPad or Apple Watch upgrades planned for 2023

  • Every year, Apple has some significant hardware upgrades planned for at least a few devices in its product lineup. 2023 could be an outlier, though.
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