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This week: reacting to iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, iPad mini, and and what the h-e-double hockey sticks happened to Apple Watch Series 7?!

Plus: iPhone 13 Vs. iPhone 13 Pro - what you need to know before you buy!

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iPhone 13’s Cinematic mode marks new era in computational photography

  • Of all the things Apple revealed Tuesday, to me the most impressive was the iPhone 13’s new Cinematic mode. The depth-of-field effect creates amazing focus transitions between subjects.

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Apple Watch Series 7 looks like a late substitution for the upgrade Apple wanted to deliver

  • Apple Watch Series 7 is not the upgrade most of us expected to see from Tuesday’s Apple event. The new model doesn’t sport the big design refresh multiple sources said was coming. It doesn’t even pack a new chip.

Apple Watch Series 7 Tidbits: S7 Chip, Storage Remains 32GB, USB-C Fast Charging Cable in the Box, and More

  • MacRumors can confirm several details about the Series 7 not currently shared by Apple. First, the Apple Watch Series 7 is indeed powered with an S7 branded chip, which Apple indicates will offer the same 20% advantage in performance compared to the S5 chip found in the Apple Watch SE and Series 5 as the Apple Watch Series 6 did.

New budget iPad 9 gets better video chat, doubles storage

  • On the inside is an Apple A13 processor, an improvement over the A12 in its predecessor. Apple promises that brings 20% faster CPU and GPU performance.

iPad mini gets its biggest, most amazing upgrade yet

  • Apple today surprised us with a brand-new 2021 iPad mini — its best compact tablet to date. It sports a gorgeous new design inspired by iPad Pro, an Liquid Retina display, and a blazing-fast A15 Bionic chip with 5G connectivity.

What's Still Coming in 2021 at Apple's Second Fall Event

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