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This week: new leaks give us our best look yet at iPhone XI and XIR. Plus: new US tariffs could skyrocket the prices of your next iPhone and iPad. And a new US Supreme Court ruling could break Apple’s iron control of the app store, making even alternate app stores a real possibility.

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This week's stories

New 2019 iPhone leak hints at extra camera lenses (again)

  • Mark Gurman has posted molds of the iPhone XI, XI Max, and XR2, and not everyone is happy with how they look.

Apple's Tariff Tradeoff: Raise Phone Prices or Suffer Margin Hit

  • A new round of tariffs proposed by the U.S. on Monday includes mobile phones, meaning the iPhone.
  • If these tariffs take effect, iPhone could be hit with a with a 25% import levy.

Supreme Court sides against Apple in big antitrust case

  • A lawsuit targeting Apple and the App Store will be allowed to proceed, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided.
  • The case involves whether or customers technically buy apps from Apple, or whether Apple is a middleman connecting app developers with consumers. The Supreme Court ruled against Apple on Monday by 5 votes to 4.
  • The Apple Inc. v. Robert Pepper case dates back to 2011. The broad argument is that Apple has artificially driven up the price of apps by virtue of its monopolistic control over the App Store. By passing the cost of Apple’s 30% cut onto consumers, iPhone users argue that it is an unfair use of monopoly power. Apple, meanwhile, argued that only app developers — and not users — should be able to bring this lawsuit against Apple.


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