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This week—new leaks give us our best look yet at iPhone 13! We got details and pics to share. Plus: Apple has a stunningly new retail location, and we review their most beautiful retail stores, and we review the dizzying number of new original shows and movies coming to Apple TV+—it might finally be worth the price!

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New iPhone 13 dummies and renders show incremental changes

  • Leaker Sonny Dickson showed off iPhone 13 dummies Wednesday of four possible models that could be released this fall, in addition to case renders and video of a case, included below. They all suggest a handful of tweaks to iPhone 12 that may be forthcoming in the new models.

iPhone 13 will come with new, improved batteries and faster 5G for many users

  • The next-gen iPhone will boast “more flexible SiP battery modules and LCP antenna modules,” backing up previous rumors that it will come with a new, improved battery and bring new ultra-speedy mmWave 5G to new countries.

1 in 5 customers say they’d skip iPhone 13 due to superstition

  • A massive 74% of people surveyed think Apple’s next iPhone should be called something other than “iPhone 13.” And triskaidekaphobia — aka fear of the number 13 — could stop one in five Apple users from buying the next-gen smartphone if it bears that name.

Apple’s new Tower Theatre store in LA looks preposterously beautiful

  • Apple previewed its newest retail location at the historic Tower Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday. The company announced the store’s Thursday opening in conjunction with the launch of the Today at Apple Creative Studios global mentorship initiative for young creatives.

Here’s when Foundation and other big shows hit Apple TV+

  • The free Apple TV+ trial offered when the service debuted runs out at the end of June, and the iPhone-maker is trying to build excitement for upcoming series by announcing their debut dates.

Apple TV+ prepares a visit to Nathan Pyle’s whimsical Strange Planet

  • Dan Harmon will reportedly turn Nathan Pyle’s humorous Strange Planet webcomic into an Apple TV+ animated series. This will combine a comic that’s already become a series of best-selling graphic novels with the creator/writer of Rick and Morty.
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