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This week: a reliable source says M2 Macs are right around the corner, and M1X will be the pro variant chip we’ve been hoping for! We got all the details. Plus: Woz says it’s time for Apple to embrace Right To Repair, and the Biden admin’s new rules may force Apple to support it.

And big ERF’s back with an Apple stock update—this is a big one!

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Win an AirTag dog collar for worry-free adventure [Cult of Mac giveaway]

  • If you have a dog that runs away or just doesn’t listen, this week’s giveaway is for you. The CollarTrek dog collar securely holds an AirTag in place, making sure Fido’s location is easily trackable at all times.

Apple’s next-gen M2 chips could roll out in early 2022

  • The tipster, known as Dylandkt, has an 81.3% accuracy rating according to Apple Track based on 16 previous rumors. Dylandkt said the M2 chip will be released alongside “the upcoming colorful MacBook Air.”

U.S. President Joe Biden to Direct FTC to Draft Right to Repair Rules

  • President Joe Biden plans to direct the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to create new right to repair rules that would affect tech companies like Apple, reports Bloomberg.

Steve Wozniak speaks on Right to Repair

Original HomePods reportedly ‘bricked’ by 14.6 software update

  • Recent reports suggest owners of the original HomePod should steer clear of the device’s software version 14.6 and the newer version 15 update for beta users.

Warren Buffett’s premature Apple selloff cost his firm $20 billion

  • Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway firm has long invested in Apple, with Buffett once saying that, “I don’t think of Apple as a stock. I think of it as our third business. It’s probably the best business I know in the world. And that is a bigger commitment than we have in any business except insurance and the railroad.”
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