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  • iPhone 15 going Thunderbolt
  • Insane Black Friday deals
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This week's stories

iPhone 15 Pro could feature significantly faster wired data-transfer speeds

  • 2023 iPhone 15 Pro models could feature faster data-transfer speeds over a wired connection. Rumors indicate Apple will transition to USB Type-C connectors across its entire iPhone lineup next year. But the faster data-transfer speeds could be limited to the Pro models.

Rounded corners and edges plus titanium case rumored for iPhone 15

  • A leaker with a pretty good track record for accuracy said Sunday the upcoming iPhone 15 series will feature rounded corners and edges, plus a titanium case. Rounded corners would harken way back to earlier iPhones and a titanium case would be a first for Apple handsets.

See also Leander's piece from Cult of Mac Today newsletter: "Next iPhone might be titanium

  • In the newsletter, he talks all about Apple's alternating "Extrudo" and "Sandwich" design styles. It's been switching between the two from the very beginning!

Enter to win a Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV and say, ‘So long, Siri’ [Cult of Mac giveaway]

  • Three lucky winners in this week’s giveaway will be able to cast aside the Siri Remote forever. We’re giving away three Function101 Button Remotes for Apple TV.e
  • But even if you don’t win, you can still free yourself from one of Apple’s most divisive devices. Retailing at just $29.95, the Button Remote is a deal for everyone who doesn’t like the Apple TV’s Siri Remote.

The best Black Friday deals on AirPods, MacBooks, iPads and Apple Watch

  • Black Friday is just around the corner, and that means you can get hefty discounts on Apple products. While the shopping event is a few days away, Black Friday deals have already gone live across various retailers.

Mondo drops ‘innie’ and ‘outie’ vinyl soundtracks for Severance

  • Collectibles seller Mondo will release a soundtrack Wednesday for Apple TV+’s Severance season 1 in two versions, both on vinyl: Innie Edition and Outie Edition.
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